Dubai’s OOH landscape just welcomed a sweet campaign of the famous “Magnolia Bakery.” the bakery store campaign is the first to promote its new branch.

In a mint green color and illustrations that remind you of 50s newspaper drawings and a die-cut billboard, you can spot Dubai’s campaign to announce the grand opening of Al Tayer’s Magnolia Bakery 6th branch in UAE at the Springs Souk Mall.

It’s worth mentioning that mint green, the very color the foodservice brand uses as its signature color been known in advertising to send tranquility, harmony, and freshness, which is what the brand is all about! The ad's copy is very convenient, using language that fits the light-hearted campaign with all the happy characters and the delicious-looking cakes. The copy states that the Springs Souk just got sweeter as a smart-yet-funny announcement about the new branch start. The copy came in English, and its translation was in Arabic to target both audiences locals and foreigners. 

One little fun fact we found is that the bakery made a cameo in Sarah Jessica Parker’s SATC. Rumor has it this cameo was partially a reason for its worldwide spreading, let alone the bakery’s signature cupcakes. 

The Art & Science of OOH

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