From Spotify Technology SASpotify, the booming music mobile app, lands on Cairo’s outdoor advertising scene. Their last campaign was a collaboration with Orange starring Nelly Karim and Karim Abdelaziz, and their previous solo appearance spread music stats from the previous year’s wrap-up 

Anyone can spot Spotify’s billboards from a mile away with their vivid colors and huge font. Their captions make you stop and read them; drivers, be careful don’t let Spotify’s catchy phrases whisk away your attention! The groovy entertainment app advertises its endless playlist options, saying, “Listen to more than 4 billion playlists for every occasion for free”. They then continue to name some humorous yet still relatable occasions that happen to all of us with playlist suggestions that match, like “Tired on your last gym set?”, “In charge of the outing’s music?”, “Your crush liked a post of yours?”, “Bored in traffic?”, “Got dumped?”, “Boss approved your vacation?” and more. Spotify provides a solution in the form of a hype playlist for each ordeal or fun time! Beloved artists are on the cover of these playlists, including Mohamed HamakiWegzAngham, Essam Sasa, and Hooda Bondok. 

The campaign used the traditional plus the digital format of OOH advertising, and you can easily spot it on Zayed Digital Boards (ZDB)

Reveal more about Spotify’s latest campaign here at MOOH, the monitoring out-of-home intelligence data provider working in Cairo & Dubai.

The Art & Science of OOH

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