AlUla is a destination of extraordinary human and natural heritage, encompassing more than 200,000 years of unexplored human history. Deep in the beautiful deserts of the northwestern region of the country.

The beautiful and extraordinary destination in Saudi Arabia is not uncommon to OOH viewers in the United Arab Emirates, as flydubai launched an awareness campaign for AlUla on July 2022 with the message of “Summer Untold,” “Live the World’s Masterpiece”, and a call to action to “Fly Direct to AlUla with flydubai”. With the jaw-dropping visual on the hoarding  spaces for AlUla’s Oasis, Cultural Treasures, and After Dark Activities, potential summer adventurers have the wow factor needed to book the next plane ticket to see this magnificent place.

November 2022’s out-of-home campaign marks AlUla’s first OOH campaign as the advertiser in the streets of Dubai. The Tourism service provider uses digital screens to raise awareness for AlUla Moment’s upcoming Events and Festivals. On the outdoor media spaces, AlUla shares that you can “Book Exclusive Tickets” to experience “AlUla Moments 2022’s Events and Festival” with a call to action to check out their website. The visuals for the OOH campaign advertise the after-dark activity with live music, concert lighting, and a huge music-loving crowd amid AlUla’s beautiful landscape. 

With AlUla offering a variety of activities for all adventurers, what will their next out-of-home advertisement next?

The Art & Science of OOH

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