The play has no limits with PlayStations’ latest feature of the lively FIFA23. Following their prior appearance, the entertainment video took over Dubai’s digital screens by releasing the new outdoor advertising campaign for the FIFA23 reveal.  

The new feature hosts the animated visual of the French football player Kylian Mbappé, as he is the face of the new campaign, announcing the FIFA23. The ad copy notes the phrase “Play Now” The World’s Game, encouraging the audience to purchase the most demanded game in the market. The ad captures the French players’ mid-game, highlighting the spot-on animated representation of all the players, as well as their attention to detail and varied options to choose from when playing. The ad also subtly notes that the game is officially licensed by FIFA. The overall showcase is extremely dynamic, easily grabbing onlookers’ attention.      

The new campaign struck Dubai’s digital screens in the fourth week of October. 

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