Meraas is an Emarati real estate developer committed to creating and consistently delivering developments that strengthen Dubai’s position as a global real estate investment destination of choice. Offering an extensive range of master developments, land, and property,

The real estate developer’s last appearance in the streets of Dubai using out-of-home media was 5 months ago. June 2022’s OOH campaign had the marketing objective to raise awareness for a residential “Neighborhood that Deserves You” coveted by a nostalgic design philosophy, creating a unique place within the effervescent city of Dubai. With narrow lanes and open lawns within a gated private community. Meraas advertises the exclusivity of the neighborhood by highlighting that it is “Just Between Us”. The real developer used Hoarding OOH spaces for the campaign and displayed the exclusive Town Houses and activities that you can indulge in in the exclusive Neighborhood. The project’s name is placed in the center of the billboard and is written in a big font in order to inform OOH viewers where they can purchase exclusivity.

In this month of November, Meraas launches its second OOH campaign to raise awareness for Nad Al Sheba Gardens. Unlike June 2022’s out-of-home advertising campaign that focused on highlighting the exclusivity offered, November’s OOH campaign focuses on sharing the luxurious aspect offered to potential residential property buyers as well, advertised as “Life Outside of the Ordinary” with visuals on the Hoarding OOH spaces displaying interior and exterior shots of the luxurious Villas. With the project’s name located on the edges of the OOH spaces, interested property buyers can have the desire to reach out to Meraas with the website placed at the bottom center of the OOH space. 

Campaign Credits

Industry: Real Estate

Brand: Nad Al Sheba Gardens

Advertiser: Meraas

OOH Size: Hoarding

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Country: United Arab Emirates

Region: MENA

Tags: Awareness Campaign

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