Cara Delevingne Sports the Stunning La D de Dior Timepiece Collection on Dubai’s Outdoor Advertising Arena

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As per usual, Dior rises on UAE’s billboards with the most bewildering features, whether it's their jewelry, cosmetics or fashion wear lines. Following their prior appearance featuring the beautiful and talented actress Charlize Theron, the French luxury brand features the outstanding English model, Cara Delevingn, in their latest feature, flaunting the La D de Dior collection. 

Cara Delevingne has worked with Dior in multiple watch collections, giving off a certain energy that she can only emit. The new La D de Dior collection embodies Dior’s spirit and essence, as well as its bold creativity, especially when it comes to watchmaking. The outdoor feature is exceptionally sleek, rocking an all black design, with shots of the English model flaunting the extraordinary La D de Dior in Black Ultra matte. Some ad spaces also host the video advertisement for La D de Dior, giving the audience a full show of the supple and luminous qualities of the watch. The ad design is fairly simple, highlighting the brand’s simplistic and effortless nature while bringing to the foreground the remarkably shot portraits.  

 The limited campaign surfaced on Dubai’s billboards in the fourth week of October through wall wrapping, lampposts, digital screens, and hoarding billboards. 

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