After ValU’s April campaign featuring Wegz, the mobile app ValU that helps people leave their financial stress behind never fails to disappoint and is back crushing the outdoor scene since Black Friday is just around the corner! With 2 outdoor campaigns, the brand of the financial solution visited Cairo roads. The first one was a to-be-determined campaign with a little hint that it's about ValU when showing the famous "U" Motif at the bottom of the billboard. 

The ad calls out people to "not go black Friday shipping,” but it has an under meaning to go ValU Friday, plus having to benefit from up to 30% cashback upon their purchases with zero interest for 18 months! Shopohoclis wouldn’t want to miss an offer like this. 

The visuals are incredibly minimalist, using orange-toned background, giving all the attention to the words “don’t go Black Friday shopping” translated into Arabic to grab people's attention, making them curious to know what’s going on behind the campaign. The second campaign was a reveal of the TBD one, as it explains the call to action of the first campaign with the answer "Go ValU on Black Friday" with another reveal of cashback up to 30%. It's worth saying that the campaign was displayed on Zayed Digital Boards along with different OOH formats.

Want to know more about ValU’s new campaign location, budget, strategy, and more, you may take a look at our Egypt and The Emirates OOH-dedicated analysis system and Media Intelligence platform (MOOH).

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