The food and beverage brand Lamar is constantly creating new and innovative products to satisfy its customer’s needs. They do just that by launching the new cookies & cream flavored milk. The new addition is hosted on the new campaign ad spaces alongside all the other Lamar flavored milk options like chocolate, banana, and strawberry milk. 

The cartoons displayed on the ad and drawn on the packaging are very eye-catching and enticing to children, tempting parents to get the new snack for themselves to try, but mainly also for their children. The font of which the new flavor is noted is also very visible, adding to the cartoonish vibe and energy emitted from the ad design. The new delicious drink is marked with the “New” blue mark, spotlighting the new flavor to the audience.    

Using Arabic slang in Lamar’s campaign ensures that the brand knows how to promote a new product. As it’s a well-known technique in marketing to use slang local language to raise brand awareness, raise the amount of attention the product will get, and influence time spent on product evaluation.

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