After their recent October presence on the outdoor ads, Smiles is back in collaboration with Visa for a chance for people to earn 10% on Smiles Visa Card. 

The visual of the outdoor advertising campaign directly advertises that when people buy groceries from Smiles, they earn up to 10% back on Smiles Cards. Smiles app is a fantastic application on many levels. It was originally deals and rewards app powered by Etisalat and recently started to offer a food delivery service. 

The visuals are rather straightforward because the well-known yellow smiley is giving a command. On the digital screen version of the advertisement, Mr. Smiley is shown on a gradient blue to purple to pink gradient background with a tagline that states, “Buy groceries on Smiles and earn up to 10% back on Smiles Visa Card” with Visa Cards showcased upon the billboard, Highlighting the idea that downloading the app entitles you to participation into getting up 10% when utilizing their food delivery service.

In the first week of October, the new limited campaign debuted on Dubai's OOH as digital screens.

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