Coinpayments is back on UAE’s billboards following their prior awareness campaign back in 2021, still claiming the title of Crypto Payments made easy.

While being the gateway to the future, Coinpayments enables people around the globe to take advantage of their cryptocurrency gateway, which allows merchants, crypto owners, crypto users or even creatures from another planet to accept bitcoin or over 1700 other cryptocurrencies. While being the most trusted crypto payment partner in the financial service industry in the world, Coinpayments has gone over $10 billion in crypto payments since 2013, has served over 100,000 global merchants, and is currently active in over 190 countries worldwide. 

The new awareness campaign ads reflect the brand’s vision and advantage of being a global crypto payment by portraying a pondering alien, their mascot, upon the ad spaces, further elaborating that wherever you are in the solar system, Coinpayments can cater to you. The use of blue as a background to the ad visuals backs up the space aspect of the campaign idea, as well as symbolizes trustworthiness and professionalism. The ad copy notes the Coinpayments website alongside the campaign slogan “Payments Made Easy for your Business”.

The campaign is a fairly new one, having been released in the first week of October on Dubai’s hoardings and digital screens. 

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