Following the brand's last presence in March with the same campaign, Hermès Paris new Plein Air Collection was featured on Dubai's biggest digital out-of-home scene. True to its equestrian character, which was influenced by the freedom of the wide outdoors, the French luxury brand Hermès is presently back on billboards, advertising the sensation of lightness on your skin.

The cosmetics and personal care brand is showing off the PLEIN AIR complexion balm, which highlights the skin's inherent beauty and offers a product to fit all skin types and tones thanks to its twelve adaptable colors, which are seen in rows on the billboard. The ad copy states, "BEAUTY IN THE OPEN AIR," showing how light and breezy the balm is on the skin, on a background of a group of horses against a blue sky.

The ad visuals feature a lovely olive-skinned model, and the shade seen is described in the advertisement as "Hermès PLEIN AIR COMPLEXION BALM - N* 50,” that is beautifying her complexion. She is then spotted walking through an open area with gorgeous, speeding horses as her jet-black hair blows away in the wind. This really captures the essence of Hermès' slogan, Beauty In The Open Air, and adopts the key element of the Hermès logo, which is a Duc carriage with a horse and refers to the company's original core products. 

The first week of October was lit up with their new campaign, appearing on digital screens and uni-poles in Dubai.

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