Madinet Nasr for Housing & Development (MNHD) was founded in 1959, developing master projects over the years to serve the needs of millions of Egyptians. The constituted firm has redefined the structure of the real estate industry in Egypt as “ Everything Changed in Egypt After Madinet Nasr.”

The real estate developer’s last campaign was about Taj City’s newest phase, elect; however, this time, their campaign featured modern building masterpieces from their 2 communities Taj City and Sarai, with white backgrounds on the visuals to show the definitions of the delicate constructions illustrated. This choice of visuals used in the ads was to grab the audience’s attention as the imagery illustrated was of different sensational architectural monuments, each shown with high definition due to the minimalist designed ads with white backgrounds.

MNHD's name will always be connected to the Unknown Solider Memorial, the Military Parade stand, the 6th of October Panorama, Abbas Elaqqad St, and many more monuments embedded in the Egyptian culture. But what they do next will become the future of Egypt’s sustainable communities. 

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