Telecom Egypt rises on Cairo’s billboards following their previous campaign featuring “The Wegz Experience” awareness campaign, tempting the audience to get their tickets now. 

The Wegz Experience has been an extraordinarily awaited event in the entertainment industry since its announcement. Wegz has been on his increasingly high-fame journey for the past couple of years, earning himself many fans and lovers. His latest event, The Wegz Experience, explores Wegz’s world, taking the audience on a trip through the artist’s mind and thought process regarding his music. The awareness campaign ad spaces advertised by Telecom Egypt host a visual of the highly demanded artist wearing a cape upon a halo background, with the name of the concert, “The Wegz Experience,” also being noted. 

The overall futuristic vibe given off by the ad tempts the audience to get ready for an out-of-this-world experience with this revolutionary event, exploring Wegz’s journey to fame. The ad copy notes the event date, Friday, Nov 4th, and the location of which it will be held, that being the AlManara Arena. The ads also host the Ticketsmarche logo, entailing that it’s the event’s official ticket provider, in addition to the advertiser, Telecom Egypt’s logo.        

Something we've noticed on the campaign's artwork, the Trap singer showcases 2 logos; the first one is the one connected to his name; it represents the devil horns coming out of the letters W and G and pointing down. The second one, though, is interesting as we notice it's fairly new and is located under his name. This logo in particular, didn't appear on the singer's social media until 22nd of august in a scene of a concert on instagram's post. It seems like it's part of a new marketing identity of Wegz or the singer is using a new motif connected to his name. it may appeared on the social media mutple times but it's the first time this motif appeared on a billboard.

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