Noon is back once again on UAE’s billboards following their prior campaign back in August, featuring their latest campaign, “Get Game Ready”. The new campaign emits two messages, the first offering the audience an opportunity to stock up on football-watching essentials, while the other grants all onlookers “up to 50% off” on noon food. 

Noon is considered to be the best e-commercemobile app in the Middle East, and they do just that by fulfilling the audience's demands. Whether you’re looking to upgrade your TV or buy the latest PlayStation FIFA game, noon has got you covered, encouraging you to “Play, Watch & Cheer.” The Get Game Ready ad spaces host the campaign name alongside some of the available products like television screens, video games, and football t-shirts, exhibited alongside a dynamic and eye-catching design of a football field, utilizing green and noon’s usually yellow. The ad spaces are extremely visible and motivating to the audience. 

The noon food ad spaces offer consumers who are always up for offers and discounts the unmissable opportunity of up to 50% off on their favorite foods. The outdoor feature is also very colorful and vibrant, utilizing the used before pink color, reflecting that it's a noon food feature, with an enticing visual of a delicious sandwich on the side.    

The new campaign is a fairly new one, having been released in the second week of October upon mega-coms, lampposts, digital screens, and bridge billboards. 

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