Everywhere we look, there are numbers related to what we do.

We use them to calculate seconds, minutes, hours, days, and years. They are counted in pounds. We use centimeters, meters, and yards for measuring. OOH billboards that we come across daily on our way to work are measurable too! Which brings us daily here to discuss top campaigns.

This month new industries are joining the race as the real estate market’s domination is lessening, especially when fall/ back-to-school season is starting. However, with all those mentioned considerations, real estate still is the strongest contender, as the first spot went to UC Developments’ aesthetic campaign Silhouettes of U with a total of 103 ad faces; the campaign is a branding campaign with some remarkable visuals that struck Cairo roads during September.

The second spot went to New Plan Development’s campaign with the sum of 82 ad faces; the campaign was about Talah, a real estate developer’s project using the message “a place with a view.” The third place was for another real estate developer which is Reedy Group’s Azzar; the project has been in the race with this ongoing campaign for quite some time now; the campaign was nothing but the famous project Azzar islands. The campaign occupied 75 ad faces 

The fourth place went to Prime Video’s campaign, which was about the hit show, the rings of power, with a total number of 59 ad faces. The campaign was a success on many levels. As it showcased some epic visuals, and also the geo-distribution was very strategic.  The 5th spot was for Cayo Mall’s campaign, with a total of 57 ad faces. The campaign was about launching phase 2&3 and also mentioned that the real estate developer will participate in CityscapeThe 6th position is shared between Media & Broadcasting and real estate; we will find the entertainment industry to enter the race through Disney+ campaign with a total of 52 ad faces; also IGI developments campaign had 52 ad faces as a new campaign. The 8th spot went to Mountain View’s campaign and occupied the OOH landscape with 48 ad faces.

El Abd Patisserie occupied 2 positions in the top campaigns race as the foodservice had 2 campaigns. The first one was about their new cookies, and the other one was about the Al Mawlid sweets. The cookies campaign had 46 ad faces, while the al mawlid campaign had 44 ad faces. 

Follow the infographic to see some of the more exciting campaigns that conquered Cairo's billboards this month. Also, through September’s market insight, learn more data and figures about Cairo's billboards' latest analysis.


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Advertiser: INSITE OOH

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Country: Egypt

Region: North Africa

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