KEZAD Group is a product of the integration and evolution of Khalifa Industrial Zone Abu Dhabi (KEZAD) and Specialized Economic Zones (ZonesCorp) into khalif Economic Zones Abu Dhabi Group (KEZAD Group), all part of AD Ports Group. 

The newly formed KEZAD Group rises on UAE’s billboards offering new possibilities and opportunities for a wide range of business solutions suitable for all types of business activities, such as manufacturing, logistics, trade, and distribution. In addition, KEZAD Group supports the expansion and access to international markets and creates a circular economy. KEZAD Group’s branding campaign introduces a new era of KEZA Group, encouraging the audience to join the financial serviceprovider in creating new possibilities. The ad copy notes the campaign slogan, “We are now #KEZADGroup Creating Possibilities,” upon a dark navy background that supports the brand’s integrity and power image. The ads also host the new brand logo and a subtle mention of their leader Ad Ports Group. 

The campaign is a fairly new one that surfaced on Dubai roads in the first week of October upon hoardings and uni-poles.

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