Mobile manufacturer OPPO continues upgrading their outdoor strategy and surprising audiences across the country.
Building on the successful launch of OPPO F5 at the beginning of December, which saw the creation of enveloping branding corridors on the highest-trafficked roads of the city, the brand has delivered an even “bigger” surprise with the release of an all-new OPPO Bridge on the Cairo-Alexandria/Desert Road.
If their previous F3 bridge was the hit of the summer holidays, the “selfie expert and leader” has surpassed their own record with an even larger advertising space! The brand ends 2017 with the biggest ad of the year that features impressive mock-ups, top-notch die-cuts, and avant-garde installation techniques that are certainly amazing the outdoor industry.
Strategically released in time for the mid-term holidays, the new ad for OPPO F5 will certainly be noticed!

OPPO amazes viewers with their new F5 bridge-00
OPPO amazes viewers with their new F5 bridge-00

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