The leading UAE-based auction company in the Middle East, Emirates Auction has landed a new campaign after their last presence collaborating with Etisalat in the OOH arena.

For those who don't know about Emirates Auction, it’s considered to be the official auctioneer for prestigious license plates for several Gulf government agencies as Emirates Auctions. The innovative auctioneer is trying to establish a vibrant main and secondary number plate market in the UAE and the broader Gulf Region.

As always Emirates Auction’s billboards are straightforward and to the point, using simple colors which are white, red, and black, allowing their identity to stick to clients’ minds. The side of visuals includes the interface of the mobile application, inviting people to join the application and start the auction. The auctioning details are placed in the middle of the billboard with their website, AppStore, and Google Play logos. 

The billboards were strategically placed in Sharjah and Ajman through Dubai’s billboards as lampposts, mega com, and uni-pole.

The Art & Science of OOH

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