Following their last McVitie’s minis campaign has struck the OOH scene with a new campaign featuring two well-known faces Abu, the famous Egyptian singer, and the Cairo-based rapper Abo El Anwar in an exciting outdoor ad! 

Not only did McVitie’s combine Abu and Abu El Nawar together, but it inspired them to work their way out and come out with a new mix, “Etsabena” through a whole new campaign that people are digging into. The campaign clearly conveys that McVitie’s is all about empowering people. They want people to excel with their talents when they eat their delicious chocolate milk biscuit that will definitely inspire and take them places like it did with McVitie’s brand ambassadors Abu and Abo El Anwar when they came out with a brand new song. The visuals showcase the two public figures posing with the chocolate milk biscuit with its new packaging with phrases that stress how delicious of a biscuit it is. An intelligent tactic that was used by McVitie’s is matching Abu & Abo El Nawar fits into shades of blue and purple that go with the new packaging and the background as well, which was impressively made. 

If you want to know more details about McVitie’s campaign, Visit MOOH, a monitoring out-of-home intelligence data provider in Cairo & Dubai. 

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