The Egyptian dairy brand Domty has launched a new line of products with a taste of french cuisine called Brioche. Following their last campaign introducing a new flavor to the list of their sandwiches, Domty decided to introduce a new line of products to the market introducing a set of new flavors ( Brioche Chocolate, Brioche Biscuits with cinnamon, and Brioche White Chocolate ) 

Domty is one of the oldest and most established brands in the Food & beverage industry; therefore, they know how to build an appetizing aroma around a product, and that is mainly done through their artwork.

The local brand used a set of different colors and pallets for their visuals for every different product; these pallets shadowed different aromas around each Brioche sandwich. For instance, for every visual combining all the flavors, they used the color blue, which ensues smoothness of taste and freshness. On the other hand, they used Green, Red, and Purple to illustrate a flavorful image. 

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