Dubai’s streets are flooded by carrefour's most recent outdoor campaign in the celebration of their 27th anniversary; of course, people's most loved retail shopping store Carrefour wouldn’t miss the opportunity to offer its customers unmissable offers and deals. The last Carrefour was seen in the OOH arena was in the back-to-school campaign. 

The visuals indeed had to be in an exciting, joyful tone reflecting the 27 years rejoice of the retail shopping mogul Carrefour and what it has in store for its customers. Traditional white color mixed with blue background with celebratory decorations and confetti coming out from the 27 years that’s placed clearly on the billboard, covering the billboard and a phrase that says ‘making wishes come true while putting a strong emphasis on desires using a vibrant red color, which also translates the same to Arabic, releasing a complete catalog with exclusive offers and a free trolley every day from the 4th till the 10th of October

The campaign struck UAE’s billboards in the fourth week of September as hoarding boards, digital screens, and lampposts. 

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