After Juhayna’s last presence in the holy month of Ramadan, Juhayna is back with a reposted OOH campaign featuring almost the same Egyptian stars of the current campaign. 

Being an excellent brand in milk products. Juhayna consistently delivers excellent emotional marketing to Egypt's advertising audience, evoking joyful and enjoyable sentiments while subtly fostering brand recognition and loyalty; this campaign features Ahmed MalekAly MazharAmina KhalilMaged El KedwanyMohamed FarragTaha Dessouky, and Big Ramy.  What’s noticeable is that the campaign is a reposted campaign promoting the same message and using the same visuals for quite a while now.

The visuals from the left of the billboard, Taha Desouky showed, clutching Juhayna's half-full milk can in the still image. A milk-based, nutritional shake for the gym is seen being held by Coach Aly Mazhar, highlighting its significance. The following image shows Ahmed Malek holding his favorite foamy latte. Big Ramy is also seen with Juhayna's full-cream milk, signifying that milk serves more people than only moms. On her poster, Arwa Gouda represents Juhayna's natural yogurt and skimmed milk, while actress Amina Khalil appears in the center of the advertisement holding Juhayna's lactose-free milk. Mohamed Farrag is artistically captured with milk iced, shaken, and yogurt-based. While Maged El Kedwany confidently has his glass cup of milk tea. 

The campaign uses the taglines "Its nature to encourage mothers & others" and the campaign slogan "Naturally Juhayna" to depict the stars in distinct images. Juhayna's campaign will undoubtedly catch consumers' attention and astound them with incredible celebrity endorsements.

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