It all started with modeling, TV presenting, and several TV roles to prove that his stardom was not coincidental. It’s Amir Karara, ladies and gentlemen.

For 19 years, Amir Karara has entertained us with various programs such as Star Maker and Sahraneen.

The Superstar has been a brand ambassador before for several brands back in quarter 4 in 2021, such as Etisalat and Chipsy. But guess what! Amir Karara decided to return to the OOH lights again to furnish it with his charisma and superb presence.

The secret agent to secure a successful advertising campaign

We have a situation of peas and carrots in the campaign we’re about to review. Samsung and Amir Karara was a match made in heaven. The brand took advantage of the secret agent/ commando roles the superstar always performs. And built a storyline upon this fact. The OOH campaign may look plain, and as the Kalabsh Actor is standing with a confident smile on his face alongside 2 TV sets and Monalisa is on one of the TVs to know later from the TV commercial that the as-seen-in-reality Monalisa was the reason to help Karara catch his home burglary that was about to take place. 

Samsung’s choice of Amir as an ambassador was brilliant, and here’s why. The actor secured the lion’s share in the superhero role. The brand used typecasting for its benefit by targeting the persona of customers who connect between a secret agent and the latest, most advanced gadget.

There’s another probability for using Amir’s presence to continue the storyline of him catching thieves and eliminating crimes confidently.

The commercial also hosted comedians Mohamed Moula, Mahmoud El Sisi, Khaled Jwad to add a comic, young, and trendy twist to the campaign.

Samsung’s reason for choosing Karara is that the electronics brand decided his familiar face to introduce new technology to a broader segmentation to include class C, who may face difficulty getting to know what’s new about technology via other channels such as reading or following news. 

Feisty action heroes can laugh too!

Continuing the theme of the action hero Amir is excellent in playing, Chipsy took the same line and collaborated to come up with their latest campaign, “come on Amir, smile!”.

The campaign was about scanning the QR code to download Chipsy’s smiling filter and share it among friends. An amazing engagement campaign to increase the interaction metrics and encourage the audience to link with the brand and also give them a reason to interact, such as downloading the filter or sharing a selfie.

This campaign was very successful for multiple reasons. First, the packaging went hand-in-hand with the main purpose of the campaign as it shows half of a laughing face that is correlated to the main message of the campaign. Second, using Egyptian faces and day-to-day Egyptian slang to add a local dimension to the campaign made an emotional connection to the audience who would react to the campaign.

Mission impossible: 1 character, but still can be versatile

Choosing a low-key humble icon like Amir Karara is a smart choice to elevate any OOH campaign up. His familiar face can reach the majority of segmentations and demographics, which is very rare, especially in Egypt’s market, which has many layers of consumer classes and segmentations. 

His versatility in giving different impressions is one of his successes, and that’s why Chipsy has been using him as a brand ambassador for over a year now and counting. 

Also, the campaign's message is in Arabic, which supports the idea that the campaign targets the majority who can speak and understand Arabic slang. 

Does your brand need to stand out?  Amir Karara got your back.

Brands are after introducing their products to a newer segment or reconnecting with their fanbase by releasing engagement campaigns. Ambassadorship for them is a great way to assist them in connecting and resonating with their target consumers. Whether you’re a fan or not, Amir Karara proved that he is a man with a wide fanbase; Amir Karara is your man; with his confident, funny, guy-next-door attitude will get reach out to the target audience in no time.  Karara knows how to mix the right ingredients for every role to deliver genuine performance. Most see him as a role model to follow and enjoy his inspirational style, attached to commercially branded products or services that are probably trusted.

The Art & Science of OOH

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