XXRIDE facilitates the way you move around the city of Dubai in an outdoor advertisement for the transportation mobile app. Their prior campaign was only a few months ago, targeting people who are always in a hurry and bustle. 

Black and white is the theme for the campaign, following suit with their logo. XXRIDE includes several messages, and urges audiences to “download now,” “download & book your ride now,” and “download now and enjoy your ride.” They also promise, “We will get you there,” creating a bond with people and building trust through their pledges. With their application, you can “request, ride & save.”

As for the visuals, XXRIDE continues to grow that trust through authenticity by using images of people on their ride smiling or users requesting from their phones. An interface of the app is demonstrated on the side, giving people a taste of how easy it is to use and user-friendly. 

The new campaign occurred in the second week of September on Dubai’s rooftop billboards, lampposts, and mega coms.


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