The renowned leading bank HSBC is back on UAE’s billboards sharing all the fascinating benefits and rewards of the HSBC Cash + Credit Card. 

Following their prior awareness campaign showcased in Dubai’s prime OOH spots, the world’s largest banking and financial service provider HSBC UAE parades all the one-of-a-kind benefits one will be granted when one chooses the Cash + Credit Card. 

The new creative awareness campaign showcases the card’s merits, like the daily 1% cashback on all purchases, and encourages the audience to apply now for AED 500 Cashback. The HSBC Cash + Credit Card also offers a 0% bonus on customer’s total daily cashback monthly, quarterly, and annually when consumers spend AED 5,000, 25,000, and 125,000, respectively. The campaign showcase utilizes HSBC’s usually red and white aesthetic, which reflects the brand’s color identity, which reflects their trustworthiness, and dependability. 

The awareness campaign also hosts prominent die-cuts and mockups of the HSBC Cash + Credit Card, highlighting its dynamic and peppy design. Lastly, the creative concept campaign also hosts visuals of a happy woman holding colorful shopping bags, as well as a visual of a phone and a pair of headphones, all accessible for the audience to purchase when they sign up for the HSBC Cash + Credit Card. 

HSBC’s new creative campaign struck Dubai’s billboards in the third week of September on digital screens and bridge billboards.  

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