Following a prior appearance back in March promoting Moon Residence, AL MARASEM Development is back in Cairo’s OOH Arena announcing that Moon Residence’s apartments are now fully finished.  

While being an all-inclusive real estate firm, AL MARASEM Development is known for its impeccably built homes and exceptional living conditions. Therefore, Moon Residence is no different. Moon Residence is promoted as the place to elevate one’s residence, views, and finishing. 

The awareness campaign showcases Moon Residence’s deluxe apartments lit with warm expert lighting, noting that they are now “Luxuriously Finished.” The apartment visuals are accompanied by Moon Residence’s usual starry night sky background with the brand logo and the delivery date, which is the year 2023 upon it. The night sky showcase highlights the brand’s motto, which is how the moon is steadily rising over us, showing the way to a new standard of living.

Want to know more about Moon Residence’s new campaign location, budget, strategy, and more, you may take a look at our Egypt and The Emirates OOH-dedicated analysis system and Media Intelligence platform (MOOH).

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