Leading real estate developer OUD has recently revealed that the OOH teaser campaign that was intriguing viewers on Salah Salem Road is for their flagship project Heliopolis Hills.

The teaser campaign was launched during October with ad copy that promoted “a villa for the price of an apartment”(“أقرب من اي تجمع اخر”), over blurred backgrounds that had audiences captivated for the duration of the campaign. Keeping the highly strategic locations on Salah Salem, the reveal campaign features an impressive die-cut design with 3-D effect and realistic details that seem to merge with the environment on the very same locations.

The outstanding die-cut designs started to be installed at the end of October, keeping the original ad copy of the teaser campaign with a Serial of Mega signs and Lightboxes of great visibility at street level on Salah Salem Road.

OUD reveals amazing die-cut designs for Heliopolis Hills-00
OUD reveals amazing die-cut designs for Heliopolis Hills-00

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