Delivering a regularly updated and consistent analysis of the Top Campaigns of the Month in terms of industry and outdoor advertising is one of our specialties. The OOH industry has so far been dominated by the real estate sector, and INSITE OOH has been closely watching Cairo's roads for August’s Top 20 Campaigns of 2022. The real estate selling season is summer. And that explains the increase in the occupancy from this month to the previous month. 

As summer is about to end, real estate’s outdoor advertising activity is intense. And with that being said, akam ALRAJHI’s D.O.S.E, specifically the campaign that promotes the Sahel version of the project. With the sum of 109 ad faces has won the race. It’s noteworthy that the campaign has been ongoing campaign since last month. Last month, D.O.S.E was also the 1st place winner with the sum of 105 ad faces.

The second place went to another real estate campaign, Talah by New Plan Developments, which occupied 88 ad faces. This campaign was about branding the developer’s new project, Talah. 

The third place went to People & Places’ The Med. with the ad faces of 87. The campaign promoted North Coast Villas with stunning views. The med is the first outdoor campaign for this project; The fourth campaign went to Menassat Developments with a total of 66 ad faces; this branding campaign was about their main message, which is “expanding opportunities.” 

And the fifth campaign was Al Ahly for Real Estate GAIA, as the campaign had 58 ad faces; GAIA’s new campaign was about the new phase, Jasmin.

In the 6th and 7th places, the pattern got changed as it went for two different industries, mobile apps, and telecommunications, represented by indriver with 50 ad faces and Etisalat with 43 ad faces. 

Follow the infographic to see some of the more interesting campaigns that conquered Cairo's billboards this month. Also, through August's market insight, learn more data and figures about Cairo's billboards' latest analysis

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Advertiser: INSITE OOH

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Country: Egypt

Region: North Africa

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