After their last OOH campaign, Medicon Healthcare Project’s Medicon and R7 Medical Hub has risen on Cairo’s billboards, spreading the news that you can now have your own clinic at R7 Medical Hub. 

People can now own a clinic, a D&T facility, a mega pharmacy, or even a hospital in the best and most integrated medical complex, the sole medical hub in the R7 residential region in the New Capital. This is backed up by the ad copy, “Own Your Clinic At The Most Luxurious Hospital in R7”. Medicon - R7’ Medical Hub includes its hotline as a call to action for those looking to participate in R7’s location. The bluer-than-blue billboards give a sense of calm and order while they showcase an image of the hub, looking sleek, modern, and outstanding. 

For more information about this campaign, click here at MOOH, a monitoring out-of-home intelligence data provider working in Cairo & Dubai.

The Art & Science of OOH

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