Disneyglobal campaign just visited Cairo after the same identical campaign struck Dubai’s roads days before. Although we’ve noticed that the Cairo campaign is only in Arabic, while Dubai’s campaign was bilingual. The previous campaign of Disney+ in Cairo was back in June. Interesting enough, this campaign was a global campaign, as well as the brand, has a pattern of OOH advertising distribution across the MENA region. 

This time the campaign is about promoting the broad variety of Disney original shows the streaming service offers through the platform. And how Disney+ offers what you dream of and more. With a wide collage of Disney’s original shows and the blue color the platform chose as a primary color, and the promising slogan shown on the right side of the billboard, you can spot the campaign across the Egyptian capital in various hectic spots such as 6 Oct Bridge also in multiple OOH formats. 

The streaming platform was launched in the MENA region in June 2022, while it was launched in the US back in 2019.

If you think that’s all about the Disney+ campaign, think again! We have an in-depth analysis regards the Disney+ campaign budget, locations, and media plans through our platform MOOH the ooh intelligence data provider for Cairo and Dubai.

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Industry: Media & Broadcasting

Brand: Disney+

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Country: Egypt

Region: North Africa

Tags: Awareness Campaign | Global Campaign | Streaming

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