Amazon is up once again on Cairo's out-of-home media scene inviting everyone to pay less and save more with their one and only app services. Their last appearance on Cairo's billboards was in August 2022 with two different campaigns at different times, teaming up with Orange Premiere and Karim Abdelaziz in a cross-promotional offer and the fabulous back-to-school campaign.

Anyone can easily download the Amazon shopping app to enjoy their powerful and continuous offers; also, users can simply visit the website and shop on mobile and desktop browsers. 

An eye-catching campaign by using simple and similar sketching techniques in sending the message across greater Cairo out-of-home media areas as we always used to see from Amazon’s OOH campaigns. The visuals contained the three favored colors of the company, orange, blue, and white, along with the campaign message written in Arabic and the company’s name written in English. As always, Amazon didn't forget to add the tagline ‘Download the Application Now’ in Arabic.

It’s worth mentioning that the campaign has been displayed on multiple digital screens all across Cairo, including Zayed Digital Boards. The new medium of OUTSITE OOH Media Agency

ZDB is located in Zayed City, opposite Hyper one on the 26th of July axis. The medium is impressively running now as it is hosting this campaign right now, adding a charming perception to the OOH ads of any industry or brand. To book your spot on Zayed Digital Boards is so easy; just follow this link:

Visit our Media Intelligence platform and OOH-specific analytic system for Egypt and the United Arab Emirates (MOOH) to learn more about Amazon's new campaign, including its location, budget, and approach.

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