SAMSUNG Egypt is back on Cairo’s OOH Scene, following their prior showcase, featuring the talented Amir Karara. The new showcase debuts SAMSUNG’s newest mobile device additions, which are the new Galaxy Z Fold 4 & Flip 4. 

The multinational conglomerate, as always, comes out with the latest and most developed technologies in the market. They are here to announce the soon-to-arrive additions, allowing the audience to capture a new perspective. Both phones are hosted on the campaign ad spaces, advertising their flip and fold feature upon a simple white background to solely highlight the devices’ functionality. The ads spotlight the device’s dynamic screen and functional capacities, like the screen with the time and date alongside the camera of the flip 4. Besides noting the device labels, the ad copy notes “Coming Soon,” which most definitely excites and intrigues Cairo’s audience.   

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Industry: Mobile Devices


Advertiser: SAMSUNG Egypt

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Country: Egypt

Region: North Africa

Tags: Awareness Campaign | Galaxy Z Fold 4 & Z Flip 4

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