The flourishing real estate developer EGYGAB Developments is back on Cairo’s OOH Arena, promoting their underdevelopment boutique living experiences in Masaya Sidi Abdelrahman and The Median Residence New Cairo. Following EGYGAB’s prior appearance back in 2021, the real estate developer launched a new awareness campaign with positive and inviting ad spaces that will surely attract onlookers. 

After Masaya Sidi Abdelrahman was advertised as the new “new meaning to community living”, it is now important for EGYGAB to promote their bright, airy, ample space and guaranteed privacy homes, available only in The Median Residence in the heart of Cairo. The ad spaces for the new development are very rustic and zen, utilizing simple natural elements like greenery to reflect growth and harmony as well as safety. The ads also host a girl smiling while lying peacefully in the grass, as well as a visual of the homes in The Median Residence that have breathtaking views for days, lush greenery, and glistening water features that elevate your everyday experience. In Addition, Masaya Sidi Abdelrahman’s ad designs are pretty similar, with slight differences like the visual of the poolside homes and sandy beaches, hosting a man carrying a woman along the beachside, smiling and happy. Besides an overall inviting vibe to the ads, the ad copy notes the campaign slogan “Building Boutique Living Experiences” on both ad spaces, indicating that it’s EGYGAB’s goal to deliver such a lifestyle anywhere.   

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