IGI Developments previously known as IGI Real Estate was launched in 1994 with the vision of becoming the leading real estate player in Egypt. IGI Developments has developed multiple concepts, ranging from premium upscale residential compounds, such as Oak Park, to mixed-use compounds in Ashgar City.

Prior to this OOH campaign, IGI Developments was last seen at the beginning of the summer season. IGI Developments’ marketing objective was to promote the newest phase to Ashgar Residence; JADA.  The caption; “Boutique. Vibrant. Clubside” portrayed to the viewers a residential location with various facilities that complement the different desires potential buyers might have. 

In today’s OOH campaign, IGI Developments promotes their different projects for their diverse potential property buyers. Starting with potential buyers who aim to purchase 50 sqm studios, to other segments who aim to buy 300 sqm villas. The marketing objective of the OOH campaign is to encourage buyers to visit IGI Development’s booth at the most awaited real estate event in Egypt; Cityscape. 

The OOH campaign also identified to the billboard viewers why they should visit their booth at Cityscape and that is the very low downpayment and the long-term installment method, which makes the purchase process doable to a large segment of potential property buyers. With such a long-term commitment, IGI Developments uses the color blue as the dominant color to reflect the loyalty that will be offered to its buyers once they are on board. 

With IGI Developments’ developing different projects that fit the need of different potential property buyers, what phase or project will IGI Developments promote next? 

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Industry: Real Estate

Brand: IGI Developments

Advertiser: IGI Developments

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Country: Egypt

Region: North Africa

Tags: Awareness Campaign

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