Amazon is up once again on Cairo's out-of-home media scene introducing their whole new series available on Amazon Prime Video exclusively; Amazon's last appearance on Cairo's billboards was in August 2022, teaming up with Orange Premiere and Karim Abdelaziz in a cross-promotional offer. Let alone the parallel campaign in Dubai that has identical visuals and message to Cairo's, in addition to Saudi Arabia, as our sources tell.

It is an OOH/DOOH campaign, but we see it with multiple visuals, mostly on combinations of OOH ad faces seems like an impactful trailer on the roads. The visuals contain different scenes from the series, showing us how powerful and enticing the quality of the production is a suitable campaign for such a series that is inspired by J. R. R. Tolkien's novel The Lord of the Rings and its sequels. These different visuals contained the company's logo 'Prime Video' with the series full name 'The Lords of the Rings: The Rings of Power' in English along with the tagline 'New Series', and the release date of 2nd of September' in Arabic to meet a wider segmentation. Since we brought up the marketing perspective, it’s worth mentioning that the campaign has an outstanding geo-planning targeting the majority of Cairo's audience using both traditional and digital media, specifically on Zayed Digital Boards (ZDB).

If you're interested in learning more about Amazon's new campaign, including its location, budget, and strategy, you can check out our Media Intelligence platform and OOH-specific analytic system for Egypt and the United Arab Emirates (MOOH).

[AD] A legendary series needs an outstanding campaign, furnished on the major outdoor spots globally, especially in the MENA region, however, the majority is fond of such kind of series. The borderless, cosmopolitan outdoor advertising campaign visited Cairo, Dubai, and New York at the same time. The series has been available since 2nd Sep in multiple languages and more than 240 countries and regions worldwide.

With the highest budget in the history of production, Amazon Prime Video decided to win first place with the medieval series, the streaming service splurged big, and with big, they mean it! As the show costs only to secure the rights with the author, J. R. R. Tolkien, USD 250 million plus the production budget, that takes the budget up to nearly USD 1 billion By the time production finishes the first season.

To watch the series, you can sign in to this link: The Rings of Power and enjoy the first season of the lord of rings prequel.

[AD] We all know how hard it is to work in a huge urban such as Greater Cairo and its sophisticated population persona mix. Still, we must give Initiative Cairo the respectful recognition they deserve for targeting the strategic geo-planning distribution of Prime Video’s Power of Rings OOH campaign. You can easily spot it in high-trafficked areas and popular destinations across Greater Cairo, as they deployed the languages in strategic targeting. The objective of distributing it in those spots in specific has been picked carefully to gain the attention of the target segmentation, simply, it seems like a mission impossible made easy with the agency.

The media agency has a long story of remarkable milestones globally and throughout the region, such as Nike, Unilever, and Lego. The agency has excellent credits behind the scenes. We encourage you to take the next few minutes to learn more about this agency. You can access it through this link: Initiative Homepage.

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