Starting a business Simpler than You Think as per Al Baraka Bank in a Novel Campaign in Cairo’s Streets

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Starting a business Simpler than You Think as per Al Baraka Bank in a Novel Campaign in Cairo’s Streets

alBaraka Bank encourages you to chase the dream project through its Out-of-Home campaign showing up on Cairo’s streets nowadays. And since the bank offers various solutions to ease the funding process, the bank’s last February last appearance reflected its funding options including health care and educational process. This time the bank furnished Greater Cairo’s roads with another funding campaign. But this time for small and mid-size businesses.

The artwork of the campaign is something else,, while we’re talking about loans and financial solutions to facilitate starting your project, the deceptively simple visuals were working parallel in a brilliant way. As you go through the ad copy, you will find multiple editions of the campaign, i.e., a young doctor carrying a miniature hospital bed, a young man holding a miniature tractor, an engineer holding a mini-building-site, and the last version of the visual is a group shot for the 3 professions.

The campaign's message promises “nothing will challenge you, with alBaraka Bank to fund small and mid-sized businesses,” and on another billboard, the message promises to help business owners without going through banking time-consuming, long processes to get a fund.

With this young artwork and the inviting language of the message, it’s obvious that the bank targets 20-30 and even early 40s entrepreneurs and small business owners, also, the geographical distribution meets most of the hectic spots in Greater Cairo. We find that the ad hits the bull’s eye when it comes to segmentation and distribution.

More is yet to be discovered about Al Baraka Bank campaigns through the Monitoring Out of Home (MOOH), the dedicated media intelligence agency analysis system active in Cairo and Dubai.

Campaign Credits

Industry: Banking

Brand: AlBaraka Bank Egypt

Advertiser: AlBaraka Banking Group (ABG)

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Country: Egypt

Region: North Africa

Tags: Awareness Campaign | Loans | Funding

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