Finding the ideal auto insurance is challenging. Because of this, everything has changed today, thanks to Shory, the car insurance company that has just dropped an OOH campaign all over Dubai. People who use Shory are encouraged to try something novel: stress-free insurance. Insurance that, in fact, gives power.

Shory is a quick and enjoyable tool for comparing and selecting from various possibilities. All are truthful, open, and simple to comprehend. With Shory's comprehensive range of services, they seek to streamline the insurance experience, provide people with real-time insights, and assist at every turn of the insurance journey. The biggest insurance technology seed fund in the world is called Shory. They improve people's lives by transforming insurance through technology.

The vibrant blue and navy billboards and digital billboards revolve around their famous concept and phrase “Insurance. But good.” Simple and sleek, yet effective, just like their brand identity. They are rebranding the car insurance sector by creating new experiences.

The new, limited campaign was seen across Dubai and Sharjah in the first week of September on bridge billboards and digital screens.

The Art & Science of OOH

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