Spanish luxury fashion house Loewe rises in UAE’s OOH hot spots featuring their brand new fall/winter 2022 collection. Loewe specializes in leather goods, clothing, perfumes, and other fashion accessories and was founded in 1846.

Loewe’s main product in their fall/winter collection is their inflated cushioned “Puffer Goya, in Shiny Nappa Lambskin” bags, available in various colors like camel, black, clay green, dark chocolate, and plum rose. The new bags are cohesive with the collection’s distinctive fabrics and materials, like their use of high-quality leather and faux fur, as well as their metallic touches. The whole collection is very abstract, which reflects the brand’s distinctiveness and peculiarity.

The campaign ad spaces host some shades of their cushioned bags and models rocking pieces from the FW22 runway collection, like the Padded Bomber Jacket in Nappa and the Tailored Trousers in Wool. The elegant and well-thought snapshots used in the ads give an inside glimpse of the new collection as a way of reflecting the overall vibe that the brand was trying to convey through its collection.

The campaign struck Dubai’s billboards in the first week of September upon uni-poles.

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