Whether you’re wandering or getting around in a vehicle in Cairo’s streets overwhelmed with the present and future of your family, a friendly delightful face will pop up to you at Banque du Caire recent Out-of-Home Campaign, promising a highest return on prepaid deposits. It’s the first appearance of the bank on the Out-of-Home Cairo chart since Ramadan’s campaign. featuring Mohamed Mounir, Cheb Khaled, Amir Eid, and Marwan Moussa.

“Get to the Point” is the slogan of this advertising campaign while this well-liked face is Mohamed Mamdouh who also appeared in one of Banque du Caire previous campaigns, in February to be more specific, marking an everyday benefit on the current account. This time, Mamdouh promotes for a return up to 9.25% on the prepaid deposits. 

The campaign targets getting the audience assured about future after watching Mamdouh briefing a precise story of a peaceful-mind man at work and at gym while guaranteeing a super education journey for his son who appeared cheerfully in graduation gown. 

“Get to the point with the prepaid deposit whose return is up to 9.25%”, said the billboard.    

More yet to be discovered about Banque du Caire’s campaigns through the Monitoring Out of Home (MOOH), the dedicated media intelligence agency analysis system active in Cairo and Dubai.

The Art & Science of OOH

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