Following their last Mirinda rebranding and product launch campaignPepsiCo Egypt is back on Cairo’s OOH Arena featuring Mirinda Plus’ new and refreshing pomegranate flavor, as well as the new liter Mirinda plus bottles.  

The food & beverages brand has continued to offer the best and most refreshing flavors all year round, and now they are back with the drink of the season, a pomegranate-flavored Mirinda plus, which gives you the zesty and sour yet energizing taste we all crave. Mirinda also announces the release of their now available larger size “1 Liter” bottles for all their flavors, including the new pomegranate release. The product launch campaign hosts all the vitalizing Mirinda Plus beverages, in both can and liter form, in a shot accentuating the new size, as well as the refreshing nature of the drink. The ad space designs are varied and dynamic, utilizing a dark burgundy background in order to focus and bring attention to the beverage’s name and flavors. Each flavor, when portrayed, is accompanied by a visual of its fresh fruit, which just confirms the freshness of the brand's unprocessed products.  

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Campaign Credits

Industry: Food & Beverages

Brand: Mirinda

Advertiser: PepsiCo Egypt

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Country: Egypt

Region: North Africa

Tags: Launch Campaign | Product Launch | Mirinda Plus

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