“Think like a man” the global superstar comedian and stand-up performer Kevin Hart is here to take us on tour in the ideal neighborhood you’ll ever come across, too good to be true? Keep reading!

The perfect island exists on earth! It’s Yas island by Aldar, the real estate mogul. Forget everything you know about real estate and luxurious communities, as Yas Island is here to stir the real estate pot. 

This project is made specifically for anyone looking for tranquility; you will find everything you need and more, starting from golf courses, theme parks, and music venues to racing tracks.

Are you fascinated enough? The marketing campaign for Aldar Properties’ Yas Island is something way beyond creative community lifestyle building; the official, to this very moment, recorded 13.5 million views on YouTube, which happened to be the same video running on the digital screen of the JBR area.

The creativity didn’t stop at picking Hart as a brand ambassador in a very creative way; Hart was the first CIO (Chief Island Officer), which sounds like an honorable position. Hence it is announced on Aldar’s official website. In the brilliant commercial, even the hoarding display had a creative concept of Hart standing in the middle of the hoarding. At the same time, Hart’s head has a die-cut to add another dimension of creativity to the campaign.

The campaign started to blossom in the fourth week of August as a new campaign, a huge one, deploying every kind of impactful OOH space, including the DOOH; they even went the further mile and created innovative production on every medium, such as the die-cut on hoardings, and has also been displayed creatively on big most enormous digital screens in Dubai and Sharjah.

The Art & Science of OOH

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