After Misr Italia Propertiesprevious OOH Awareness Campaign that promoted a sense of peace and serenity, as you live by the Green River in IL Bosco City. Misr Italia Properties, a diversified real estate developer with almost 35 years of continual and successful experience in the sector, launches a new OOH Campaign Promoting Vinci New Capital’s Addition; Vinci Lagoons!   

Vinci Lagoons is an extension of Vinci New Capital, a residential development located in the heart of the New Administrative Capital

Vinci Lagoons aims to fit the need of every beachgoer by offering upcoming Vinci Lagoons residents the ability to live by the beach for 365 days!

With the placement of the OOH campaigns on the highways, Misr Italia Properties aims to trigger the desire to buy a new home by the beach without the exhaustive effort of traveling and without asking for days off from work. 

The OOH campaign displays a beautiful beach view from your new home's balcony, as you see others by the shores have a good time. 

This is Misr Italia’s third OOH campaign this year! When will they launch the next OOH campaign promoting their very creative property development concepts? 

Check out Monitoring Out of Home (MOOH), a specialist media intelligence agency and analysis system active in Cairo & Dubai, to learn more about Misr Italia Properties’ campaign.

The Art & Science of OOH

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