Today we hear of a new developer with the goal to give their residents the lifestyle they deserve! Edgestone Developments is a property development company that is passionate about making, managing, and maintaining the finest multifamily communities in the country. Edgestone Developments has 25 years of experience in construction management and with that experience comes the confidence to launch Moraya! 

A Development Project that is located in Residence 8 (R8) of the New Administrative Capital. Based on the development’s construction location, it is evident that Moraya’s target audience is the upcoming residents of the New Capital Administrative. 

In Edgestone’s OOH Campaign for Moraya, a common question Real Estate brokers face is answered, especially as this is Edgestone’s first project. And that is; How much of the project’s construction is complete? 

Edgestone uses; “40% of Moraya’s construction already complete”, as a message to validate their consistent progress. And in order to ease the moving-in process for the new Moraya residents, Edgestone ensures the upcoming residents that their homes will be fully finished before moving in. 

With Moraya’s placement in a 25-acre land containing housing units, villas, and a commercial mall, Edgestone aims to assure upcoming Moraya Residents that they aim to abide by Moraya’s Slogan; “A Lifestyle You Deserve”.  

With Edgestone Developments’ consistent progress, when do you think Moraya will be complete? And more importantly, when do you think Edgestone will advertise their next OOH campaign announcing the launch of a second project? 

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