As the new academic year knocks on the doors, Vernus International Schools are up for their first outdoor campaign promising quality education on the OOH scene of UAE.

VIS has adopted an American Curriculum which is based on the California Common Core States Standards as well as international standards P21 and global awareness, which basically are designed to meet the needs of diverse learners and increase college and career readiness. Concerning their facilities, they offer more than one a child can imagine. Starting from a wide range of world-class facilities that enable them to deliver an exciting and enriching experience to young children.

The ad copy simply indicates that admissions are now open for September 2022, with limited space available. Along with their phone number for bookings and further inquiries and to reserve a spot for parents’ kids, located in Dubai Silicon Oasis. 

The limited ad campaign has struck Dubai’s OOH scene as bridge billboards.

The Art & Science of OOH

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