The full-fledged Egyptian real estate development company, Prime Development, based in Hurghada, developing unique projects has released their first outdoor campaign promoting their iconic residential projects. Its worth mentioning that with its discerning and quality-centric approach to development, Prime Development has completed iconic residential projects that stand as exceptional additions to urghada ambitious projects, including EL Kawther Heights, Premier Apartments, VIEW AQUA and more than 10 residential projects in Al kawther, El Ahiaa and Arabia. 

‘Aspire for better’ is what all the campaign is about. The real estate company’s mission is to aspire to create better integrated societies and enhance the quality for individuals by making their projects the best to live, work and enjoy. 

As for the ad copy, the choice of colors were dark grey with a mix of square shaped colors  of white,black, light and dark blue, and green to show stability and integrity of the company. And of course, the billboard includes a call to action including their website and a hotline for further questions and information.

Learn more insights about Prime Developments campaign through checking out Monitoring Out-of-home (MOOH, a specialist media intelligence agency and analytic system active in Cairo and Dubai.

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Industry: Real Estate



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Country: Egypt

Region: North Africa

Tags: Awareness Campaign

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