Food Festival Grand Market rises on Cairo’s billboards as the go-to plate for a joyful retail shopping experience.

Advertised by GR Shop, the new Food Festival Grand Market offers a new world of luxury and hopping pleasure, all available to you just by entering the main gates of Izar Plaza Sheikh Zayed. The new campaign ad spaces host the brand’s logo alongside a visual of different angles of the all inclusive retail shop. The luxuriousness and richness of the Food Festival Grand Market is highlighted in the visuals placed in the ad. The ads also note the location of the Grand Market as well as the phrase “Joyful Shopping.” The ad spaces are very clear and simple yet they showcase the vibe and richness of the grand market. 

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Campaign Credits

Industry: Retail Shopping

Brand: Food Festival Grand Market

Advertiser: GR Shop

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Country: Egypt

Region: North Africa

Tags: Awareness Campaign | Joyful shopping

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