Under Armour, the famous American sports apparel and accessories brand is up for its first outdoor campaign for its famous “The Only Way Is Through” campaign which is all about being able to reach whatever goals lie ahead, one must stay the path to come out faster-stronger-better and on the other side. Accompanied  with Anothany Joshua, the british professional boxer player and Mick Shumacher, the German former motorsports racing driver being the focus of Under Armour’s campaign.

“The Only Way Is Through” is an ethos that encompasses that every person striving to achieve a goal understands in his or her heart. They must understand there are no shortcuts and no magical solution. It’s thinking smarter, working harder, being better than yesterday, through the highest highs and the lowest lows, and being the best version of themselves.

Under Armour is constantly collaborating with professional athletes, this time they made a smart move to choose Anthony Joshua and Mick Schumacherto be representatives for the brand. First, Anthony Joshua is showcasing Under Armour’s latest training apparel, UA Perpetual Powerpoint. While Mick Shumacher posing in Under Armour’s newest apparel innovations, wearing UA Rush.

The limited campaign was seen in the form of hoarding boards.

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