As always, the well-respected and esteemed Egyptian media & broadcasting channel Al Kahera Wal Nas rises on Cairo’s Billboards with a new and unique feature, announcing a new season of Alabakera TV Show. 

Following their prior appearance back in April, Tarek Nour Communications showcases the outstanding and sensational talents of the Alabakera show of Al Kahera Wal Nas’ Cairo’s OOH ads. Other than presenting the show’s gifted competitors, the ad spaces host the show’s talented presenter Essam Youssef, whose main goal is to show people that the sky is their limit and that nothing should stop anyone from pursuing their potential. The show members are placed on a yellow background, ready to tackle a new and successful season. The ad copy notes the show name and slogan, which translates to “the geniuses can differ,” alongside a mention of the show sponsor “NBE,” stating that this ad is “Sponsored by those who care about education in Egypt.” The show is set to start on the 4th of August, broadcast every Thursday at 4 pm.         

Want to know more about Al Kahera Wal Nas’s new campaign location, budget, strategy, and more? You may look at our Egypt and The Emirates OOH-dedicated analysis system and Media Intelligence platform (MOOH).

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