CarSwitch are repeatedly aiming to raise awareness for their platforms’ brand. Their last appearance on Dubai’s OOH was during January. The platform which was founded in 2016 claims being UAE’s latest technology platform, it also claims building an innovative customer-centric center aiming to reinvent the hectic process of buying or selling used cars.

The platform is encouraging sellers to skip the dealerships’ overhead costs and giving them the option of displaying their used cars directly on the CARSWITCH website or mobile application. All the seller needs to do is provide basic information about his car and CARSWITCH sets the price for him. CarSwitch also sends a specialist team to the seller to take photos of the car.

They are also delivering value to buyers as they only display cars that are pre-inspected, certified and warrantied as well as providing buyers with assistance through all the paperwork of buying the car and registering it as soon as the deposit is paid.

The ad copy presents a fancy red car, the mobile application’s relatively good rating of 4.8 and the phrase “The Better Way to buy or sell a car”. This new campaign is in the form of bridge billboards, and visited Dubai OOH sitemap on the third week of August.

Campaign Credits

Industry: Automotive | Mobile Apps

Brand: CarSwitch

Advertiser: CarSwitch

OOH Size: Bridge Billboard

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Country: United Arab Emirates

Region: MENA

Tags: Awareness Campaign

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