As you read in the title, Real Estate is the number one industry for owning the advertising market, especially the OOH territory.

To cut it short. We’re inviting you to our monthly talk on OOH insights; welcome!

Let us broadcast the number as per our sources; you already know from the headline that Real Estate is the winner for July’s OOH race. And to talk numbers, it came out as 2675 faces or 46.1% of the market’s strength. And comparing the result to last month’s insights, you may notice a slight difference in the results. It may tell how steady the real estate industry is in this aspect.

The second place went to the healthcare industry with 459 billboard faces and 7.9% to get back to the second spot to May’s insights. 

 The 3rd spot went to telecommunications with 448 ad faces, or 7.7% of the total OOH strength. The curious case of telecommunications /healthcare reversed spots continues. As both industries keep switching places between the second and the third spot. Looks like both industries' competition is unstoppable.  

The overall scrutiny of the new VS existing campaigns. It shows that the OOH scene welcomed 57 or 39.6% new campaigns while there are 87 or 60.4% of campaigns are running already.

According to the data and statistics extracted from MOOH, it has shown that the market occupancy was 71.6% (5800) in July, leaving behind 28.4% (2299) of the OOH spaces available for new campaigns.

Visit MOOH, our partnering OOH media intelligence firm and analytic system in Cairo and Dubai, for more information on the campaign budget, OOH types, location, and more. It maintains tracks of what's going on with the Billboards in terms of advertisers, campaign budgets, media planning, and OOH types, among other things. You can browse the Top 20 Campaigns that claimed its place on Cairo's OOH landscape of this month through:

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